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Default Re: Spoiler alert!Ash vs. Paul was so LAME!

Well, honestly, I didn't expect Ash to win. This way, Ash can win in the Sinnoh League. Also, you can't really say that it wasn't fair for Paul to lose to Brandon and win against Ash. Ash only won that battle against Brandon because he was using his oldest/strongest Pokemon. I mean as "strong" as his Sinnoh team is, none of them compare to Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charizard. (Pikachu would be the exception)

I think his team will pretty much remain the same except for Monferno. I think Monferno will evolve. So, by the time he reaches the Sinnoh League, his mons will be the same except he'll have an Infernape. However, I do expect Ash's mons to learn one or two new moves before the league.

I also thought the whole Monferno losing was stupid. I think he should have at least taken down Electabuzz. Maybe they both could have fainted at the same time or something. I mean, Monferno deserves to at least beat one of Paul's mons, right?
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