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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: It says my join date to the right of my avatar. Look, see? :D
* Birthdate: January Seventh, Nineteen Ninety Four
* Name: Joe Taylor
* Alias: Captain Joe, Devil Theory, Devil_Theory, DT, D_T, d__.T
* Sex: Male
* Race: Human
* Ethnicity: White
* Birthplace: Sunny Ole' Burnley, England
* Location: Wamberal, Australia
* Height: Five foot Eleven
* Weight: Fifty-Five kilograms
* Shoe Size: Nine
* Eye Color: Hazel
* Hair Color: Brown
* Piercings: Lip, Eyebrow, Left Ear
* Tattoos: Not Applicable
* Dating/Marital Status: Single, unfortunately
* Sexual Orientation: Straight as a ruler
* Family: I have a mother and a papi, four loving grandparents, a few cousins, two or so uncles, an irritating little sister and two older, better sisters. Oh, and a brother in law
* Pets: A dog named Ben, and a few goldfish
* Grade: Tenth Grade
* Occupation: Fish and Chip Shop
* Favorite Colors: Red and Black
* Favorite Movies: Nightmare Before Christmas
* Favorite TV Series: Skins
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: A.F.I, Alexisonfire, Bring Me The Horizon, etc
* Favorite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, the list goes on really
* Favorite Character: Sora
* Favorite Book: The Lord of the Rings books
* Favorite Food: McDonalds tickles my fancy
* Favorite Beverage: Coke
* Favorite Clothing Brands: Anything, as long as it's not remotely girly
* Where you've traveled: England, Australia, France, Disney Land (awwww yeah), Asia (Egypt, Tunisia, etc) and Spain
* Hobbies and Keywords: Music
* Picture (Photo): You wish ;)