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Default Never Look Back [oneshot]

Never Look Back

Being a Pokemon Trainer isnít as easy as it looks. Battling every day to prove yourself. Getting lost, getting hurt, running out of food and water. So then why do so many people dream of becoming a master of Pokemon? Is it for pride, power, the opportunity to prove yourself in a world of hopefuls? For meÖI thought it was about all of those things, now I can see that I was wrong.

Pokemon training isnít about power; itís about friendship and loyalty, and striving to be the best you can be. Itís about working side by side with your Pokemon, using your abilities, and theirs, to conquer the weaker. Itís about learning, recognising potential, and helping it to grow. Becoming a master earns you respect, but not friends. It gives you recognition but not happiness. I should know.

These last few years Iíve been working hard, harder than Iíve ever worked before. I thought this was what I wanted; it was my dream for so long. Now I wonder why I didnít question it. Maybe I should have. I thought the day that I became a Pokemon master would be the greatest of my life. It wasnít. It was the worst. Long ago I had lost touch with my old friends. I was too determined to win, not caring about anyone, or anything, except for the next battle, the next opportunity to test my strength. Even though I never would have admitted it, I know that I pushed my friends away. I was always preoccupied, busy training, and if I wasnít training I was planning strategies. Maybe that's why I didn't really react when they told me that they were leaving, maybe that's why I let them go. I knew that I could achieve my dream if I worked hard enough, but I didnít know how much it would hurt to lose everything else.

A long time ago, I made a decision. I chose to follow my dreams and aspirations. I chose never to let anything, not even friendship get in my way. I thought that everything else was insignificant, as long as I had my greatest aspiration to hold onto. I fought hard and I won, I succeeded, but in all my years of dreaming, I never imagined it would hurt this much to be a winner.

After I had accomplished my dream, I had achieved everything I had ever wanted; I had nothing else left to live for. It was then that I realised I had made the wrong choices in my life, strived for the wrong things. I took that risk, I faced the point of no return. I knew once I passed it, I could never go back, but I didnít know that succeeding in my dreams would mean failing in life. Thereís only one way that I can go onÖgive up on the past and look to the future. Find a new dream, rekindle old friendshipsÖand maybeÖjust maybe, everything with turn out alrightÖif I never look back.


Wow, it looks really short here ^^; Quick one shot I wrote a couple of nights ago when I wasn't in the best mood. I know it's pretty ordinary and doesn't have the best's kind of stream of conciousness writing...but I thought that I'd try posting it here anyway and if people like it, I might post some of my other stuff. Comments and crits welcome.
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