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I can clone your pokemon for you! But first let me say, i use the gts method, so i CANNOT CLONE CLASSIC RIBBON pokemon. Dont be afraid of me losing your pokemon, i havent lost a single pokemon that ive ever cloned. My only cost for cloning is that i get a copy of the pokemon in return. I will make up to 5 copies of the pokemon you give me. That means you'll get six back. And i will also only clone 5 of your pokemon at a time.


I own every tm known to pokemon. Trading for items go
just as any other trade would go, I ask only for something of
equal value in return. The tm will come with a useless
pokemon like a bidoof. I will trade three tms for a shiny
and 5 tms for an event.


I also own every berry that has been legitamately given out.
Rules for trading for tms are the same as trading for berries.
I will trade 5 berries for a shiny, and 10 for an event


I have almost any other item. A complete collection
of plates, a complete collection of the *money items*
(rare bone, starpiece) I have shards, masterballs,
and almost anything else. Just ask for it
And so I strike, like an unseen dodgeball in an echoing gymnasium!


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