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Default Give-a-ways

*Mystry Mew's Riddles*

There will be a riddle posted below, that riddle will change every 2 weeks or so. If you can PM me the correct answer to that riddle, then you will get the listed pokemon!! The riddle will always be open unless posted otherwise.

Rules of the Riddles
1. If ANYONE posts the answer ANYWHERE, the contest will close untill the next riddle is up. Please pm the answer
2. You will have 1 guess, if it is not the answer that i have, then you will have to wait till the next riddle.
3. If you send me two answers (ie: maybe a window or a door) i will go with the first of the two (ie: window)
4. The riddles arent pokemon related, remember that
5. ALL riddles are created by me, if you wish to use it elsewhere, you MUST ask permision

~The Riddle~


~The Prize~

~The Winners~

*Other Give-aways*

And so I strike, like an unseen dodgeball in an echoing gymnasium!


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