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Default Re: Red/Blue/Yellow Game Discussion

Originally Posted by Alonso View Post
Is it me or did Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have above-average stats in these games. When I got them, they would sweep the elite four. The thing is that they are not considered uber in the latest generations
None of the legendary trios are ever regarded as Uber in any generation. Infact, even in RBY, Moltres and Articuno were only BL, and Zapdos has always been OU. But the reason the former two are relatively unseen competitively is due to the prevalance of Stealth Rock, which seriously hampers their use, considering the 50% health loss every time they switch in. Articuno also has a terrible typing, especially since it focuses on the defensive spectrum. None are bad Pokemon in any sense, they just can't perform particularly well in the Uber environment.
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