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Default Re: Spoiler alert!Ash vs. Paul was so LAME!

I don't know how you guys really imagine that Ash could beat Paul, i mean come on his team is like a few times stronger, i don't really 100% agree with Paul in the way he trains his pokemon but in comparison to Ash he at least does train them, i was really glad to see Ash loose maybe not in the way he did but i'm getting really fed up with the ways and pokemon Ash wins his matches. He always keeps some pokemon elsewhere, at Oaks (then they come back from the vacation doing nothing and are stronger then all the other pokemon Ash has had on his team the whole time and beat the crap out of everyone they face) plus he leaves his pokes with other people in "care" then get them back for important matches, they way he beat Gary (just to show that Garys attitude was wrong) is just one pointer, it was the lamest result ever and you can expect the same lame battle with Paul in the finals where Paul will have his super strong Final evolution stage pokemon loose against Ashes First stage pokemon who have been instead of trained loved and cared after them bla bla. And his battles against gym leaders and some of the battle frontiers were lucky coincidence nothing else, so ither he gets more serious and trains and catches better pokemon (maybe sometimes gets one or two of his evolved) or just looses all his matches like he's supposed too, not some lame wins because it makes all other pokemo trainers look lame and shity, imo Ash isn't that great of trainer. But in the end we have to eat this s*** cuz the anime is meant for kids 4 and under... Just a few of my thoughts no flaming meant.
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