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Default FrozenVirus makes a thread on P2K =]

Make a wish, it's up to you ~

Find the strength inside, and watch your dreams come true ~

You don't need a shooting star, the magic's right there in your heart ~

Close your eyes, believe, and make a wish ~

Welcome to FrozenVirus's Trading Thread!!! =3

Here, I offer Services, EV'd pokes, Shiny EV'd pokes, and Events~ ^^

Shop Status = ONLINE


~ Hey people, remember me? I've decided to move here onto FriendCodes because the mod at Pokecomunity was well, comment le dire? UNE PUTAINE.
~ I reaaaallllllly need someone to make me a personal banner (not a shop banner) >_> PM me if interested, you'll receive 3 free pokes from my shop =] Reserved by Lewmos. Will be recieving Scizor, Mismagius, and Gyarados. ^_^
~ Ty11 is now my official EV trainer. I will no longer be doing EV training requests, as I don't have a lot of time nowadays. So instead of asking me to EV pokes for you, ask him. ^_^ People who asked me to EV train already (anthonyscriv and darrgh), don't worry, just trade the pokes to him.

Pending Trades

~ Shii (Hayley Mew and Phione)
~ shroomattack (IV Marill with Aqua Jet)
~ ptoBEASTLY (Jolly Murkrow, Gamstp Deoxys)
~ nikulin (JOLLY JIRACHI! <3)
~ onetrub3an (Mence, Milotic, Jumpluff, Luxray)
~ diamondfreek (Eikagan Darkrai)
~ jakemartin77 (Swampert, Froslass, and Manaphy)
~ monopolyman (Togepi)
~ I have a really bad memory, remind me if we agreed on a trade xD

EV to do list

~ anthonyscriv (Umbreon)
~ darghh (Shaymin, Mew, Jirachi)

My Rules

DO NOT PAGER ME. You can PM or post on the thread all you want, BUT DON'T PAGER ME. I WILL NOT RESPOND.
1. Don't spam.
2. Be respectful and reasonable.
3. No hacks. If you trade me a hacked pokémon, I will demand a full refund. If you find that I have traded you a hacked pokémon, I will give you a full refund. However, you must give me solid evidence that the pokémon is hacked.
4. Know what you want from me.
5. All of my pokes are redistributable unless I specifically say that they aren't. If you don't want me to redistribute your pokes, tell me or I will assume that they are redistributable.
6. The pokémon that are EV'd by me will have "FrozenVirus's" in front of them. I expect you to give me credit if you are putting them up for trade. I will also give you credit if you a trade me a poke that you EV'd yourself.
7. Please do not say, I like your _______, what do you want for it unless you are telling me to check out your thread.
8. HAVE FUN!!! ^^
9. Coming soon means I don't actually have the poke yet, but I am getting it. Please refrain from posting offers for these pokes. Wait until I get them first.
11. I can't count.
12. If you say Jirachi is not cute, I will hunt you down and slit your throat.


Cloning Services

I will be willing to offer free cloning services. Up to 6 copies a day please. I don't ask for any compensation, but I'd appreciate it if you'd let me keep a copy of the poke. If you're really against it, then I won't.

Platinum Move Tutoring

I have Platinum, and access to unlimited Shards, so I will gladly do Move Tutoring for anybody that needs it. I'm not charging anything, I just expect you to provide the poke for me (unless of course you want to give me something =]).

EV Training

will EV train your pokémon for you, but you must provide it for him. Just fill out this form for him:

EV spread:
Moveset wanted:
Level trained to:
Held item:
For keeps (Y/N):

For movesets, I will use TMs and tutor moves, but I can't help in terms of Hidden Power and Egg Moves.

EV Resetting

I can do this as well, free of charge. Just give me the poke and I'll reset it for you.

Wish List

These guys can be fully EV'd, or UT, I don't really care.

Heatran @ Choice Scarf <==I REALLY NEED THIS ONE
Modest or Timid (Timid preferred) / Flash Fire
4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
~ Fire Blast
~ Earth Power
~ Dragon Pulse
~ [Filler]
(15+ / x / 15+ / 25+ / 15+ / 25+)

Scyther @ Choice Scarf

Adamant / Technician
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
~ Aerial Ace
~ Reversal
~ Pursuit
~ U-turn
(x / 30+ / x / x / x / 30+)
[Note: If this is fully EV'd, please make sure its HP stat is ODD at level 100]

Ursaring @ Toxic Orb [THANK YOU LEVANT! ^_^]

Jolly / Quick Feet
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
~ Swords Dance
~ Close Combat
~ Return
~ Earthquake / Crunch
(x / 30+ / x / x / x / 30+)

What I Want

~ 10ANNIV Blastoise and Bulbasaur!!

~ Any Events that I do not already have (especially 10ANNIV ones!)
~ EV'd, or Shiny EV'd that I don't have (there's a lot of them >>)
~ Just post your offer ^^

So now onto what I can offer you =)

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