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Default Re: FrozenVirus makes a thread on P2K =]


Shiny Events

Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi (Serious, UT)
Shiny Faraway Island Mew (Bold, UT)
Shiny Suicune (fully EV'd, Bold) NFT
Shiny Distant Land Entei (Lax, T)
Shiny Birth Island Deoxys (Adamant, BT)
Shiny 10ANNIV Charizard (Modest, T)

Normal Events

10ANNIV Events (I don't distinguish between countries, sorry)
10ANNIV Absol (Docile, UT)
10ANNIV Celebi (Modest, BT)
10ANNIV Celebi (Bashful, UT)
10ANNIV Lugia (Quirky, UT)
10ANNIV Ho-oh (Lonely, UT apart from Fly added)
10ANNIV Raikou (Timid, fully EV'd)
10ANNIV Espeon (Hasty, UT)
10ANNIV Suicune (Bold, UT)
10ANNIV Blaziken (Naughty, UT)
10ANNIV Dragonite (Lonely, UT)
10ANNIV Typhlosion (Timid, UT)
10ANNIV Tyranitar (Rash, UT)
10ANNIV Latios (Modest, UT)
10ANNIV Latias (Modest, UT)
10ANNIV Moltres (Naughty, UT)
10ANNIV Zapdos (Naive, UT)
10ANNIV Articuno (Lonely, UT)
10ANNIV Entei (UT)

Misc. US / UK Events
WORLD08 Lucario (Adamant, UT)
Gamestop Deoxys (Hasty, fully EV'd in no clue which stats)
Almia Darkrai (Modest, UT)
Alamos Darkrai (Timid, UT)
UK Game Shaymin (Timid, BT)
Navel Rock Ho-oh (Quirky, UT)
Space Centre Dexoys (Calm, UT)
Shiny VGC09 Milotic (Timid, BT)
Shiny Rayquaza (Timid, T)
Kyle Riolu (UT)
TCGWC Pikachu (UT)

Toys 'R Us Event

TRU Manaphy (Quirky, UT)
TRU Regigigas (Bold, UT)
TRU Dragonite (Mild, UT)
TRU Shaymin (Timid, UT)

Nintendo of Korea Events

NoK Mew (UT)
NoK Manaphy (UT)
NoK Rayquaza (Rash, UT)
NoK Arcanine (Jolly, UT)
NoK Regigigas (Jolly, UT)
NoK Darkrai (Modest, UT [Truly epic: 31 SAtk IV and decent speed])

Japanese Movie Events

Eigakan Shaymin (Bold, UT)
Eigakan Regigigas (Lonely, UT)
Eigakan Darkrai (Timid, UT)
Eigakan Test Arceus (Modest, UT) N_F_T, don't bother offering something for it

Misc. Japanese Events

Shotokan Pichu / Pikachu-Coloured Pichu (Jolly, UT)
Nintendo Zone Jirachi (Hardy, UT)
Nintendo Zone Jirachi (Timid, UT)
Mitsurin Celebi (Relaxed, UT)
Agate Celebi (Mild, UT)
Negaiboshi (Wishing Star) Jirachi (Jolly, T)
Tanabata Jirachi (Modest, UT)
Hadou (Wave) Mew (Quirky, BT)
Shotokan Tropius (Jolly, UT)
Snowpoint Temple Regigigas (Naughty, UT)
WCG Milotic (Timid, UT)
McDonald's Pikachu (Bashful, UT)
Pokémon Center Absol (UT)
Birthday Charmander (UT)
Nintendo Zone Pikachu (UT)
Ranger Manaphy (Bashful, T)
Festa Metang (UT) COMING SOON
Concert Chatot (UT) COMING SOON

Palcity Events (COMPLETE)

Palcity Mew (UT)
Palcity Lucario (UT)
Palcity Manaphy (UT)

Poképark Japan Events
Poképark Celebi (UT)
Poképark Jirachi (UT)
Poképark Mew (UT)

Hayley Events (US)
Hayley Mew (Quirky, UT)
Hayley Phione (Brave, UT)
Hayley Aerodactyl (UT)
Hayley Wailmer (UT)
Hayley Staravia (UT)
Hayley Snover (UT)
Hayley Ponyta (UT)
Hayley Buneary (UT)
Hayley Lickitung (UT)
Hayley Pikachu (UT)
Hayley Eevee (UT)
Hayley Tangela (UT)
Hayley Combee (UT)
Hayley Miltank (UT)
Hayley Finneon (UT)
Hayley Vulpix (UT)
Hayley Shellos (UT)
Hayley Pachirisu (UT)
Hayley Wailmer (UT)

Hayley Events (Japan)

Goruko Octillery (UT)
BABA Flygon (UT)
Akiyama Slaking (UT)
Red Metagross (Brave, UT)

Pokétopia Events
Pokétopia Pikachu (Hardy, BT)
Pokétopia Magmortar (Modest, UT)
Pokétopia Electivire (Adamant, UT)

GTS Events
Ken Psyduck (UT)
Seth Heracross (UT)

Saikyou Events (COMPLETE)
Saikyou Salamence (Naughty, UT)
Saikyou Milotic (UT)
Saikyou Magmortar (UT)
Saikyou Electivire (UT)
Saikyou Dragonite (UT)

Jeremy Events
Jeremy Machoke (UT) COMING SOON
Jeremy Haunter (UT) COMING SOON
Jeremy Vulpix (UT) COMING SOON
Jeremy Growlithe (UT) COMING SOON
Jeremy Tauros (UT) COMING SOON
Jeremy Ekans (UT) COMING SOON
Jeremy Staryu (UT) COMING SOON
Jeremy Psyduck (UT) COMING SOON

I pretty much have every pokémon in the pokédex, so if you don't see something you like, then just tell me and I can probably get that poke for you.

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