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Default Re: Book of Battles By Bryce



6-10 people
No Held Items
No Sleep Moves
No Perish Song
Hit all moves hit one
No Evasion
Special rule: Battlers are separated into pairs. Then, their Pokemon are combined, as well as their stats, types, moves, etc, into ONE Pokemon.

Adrenaline: Rotom-W
Black Hawk: Tangrowth
TED: Gengar
Gun: Dusknoir
Khajmer: Gallade
Brizer: Snorlax
Moon Master: Kingdra
PK: Metagross


YAY BRIZER!!!!!!! .... oh, and khajmer, too. ;]

PK: $1,000
Moon Master: $1,000
Gun; $1,000
TED: $1,500
Zak: $2,000
Black Hawk: $2,500
Brizer: $3,000
Khajmer: $3,500

I should get $4,000

Salary: $16,500

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