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Default Re: FrozenVirus makes a thread on P2K =]

Originally Posted by demonslyer13 View Post
Can you trade now?
EV'd Linoone
TRU Manaphy (Quirky, UT)
PokÚpark Jirachi (UT)

Shellder Lv 24 Calm Male ID: 24680
Slowpoke Lv 31 Naive Male ID: 13579
Sanshrew Lv 12 Calm Female ID: 13579
Machoke Lv 38 Relaxed Female ID: 13579
Haunter Lv 23 Relaxed Female ID: 13579

And would you like a different natured Eigakan Arceus for yours? XD
Um are you okay with tomorrow? =_= I'm doing some intense IV breeding right now, plus my mom is coming home real soon.
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