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Originally Posted by MSUK View Post
Lol I guess I better start off then.

Yeah, if any of you guys visited my myspace you would have seen a track called "Tomorrow". I made and did a mixdown this song about 2 days ago and it was pretty much my first solid attempt at a liquid-funk/Ambient+Old-Skool Jungle tune(it's also probably not quite finished, need some EQing to do as I can hear some distortion and muddieness) You guys are probably into other genres, but I'd appreciate feedback.
You know, I can only really find one thing wrong with "Tomorrow" no matter how many times I listen to it. The main piano lick there (the one that's repeated through the whole song) gets a little repetitive come the end of the song. I would suggest throwing in something else to keep things interesting.

Otherwise it's very well done!

Originally Posted by Cipher Lord View Post
Does anyone have a good musical notation program?
For notation, I use Finale.
oh hi.
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