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Default Re: Pokesav, Cloning, and Egg a Day Giveaway Services

hey icehe got another job for you :D

[Pokemon] togekiss
[Hold Item] lefotvers
[Trainer ID] 44225
[Secret ID] whatever
[Level] 100
[Nature] calm
[Gender] female
[Shiny] sure, why not
[Pokerus Infected/Cured/Neither] cured!
[IVs (HP/Atk/Def/Sp Atk/Sp Def/Spd)] 31/31/31/31/31/31
[EVs] 252 hp, 6 def, 252 special def
[Contest Stats] none
[Ribbons] effort ribbon and classic ribbon
[Nickname (10 characters max)] TRYNHITME!
[Trainer Name + Gender] Eric (male)
[Poke ball caught in] poke ball
[Ability] Serene Grace
[Moves] Body Slam, Air Slash, Roost, Substitute
[PP Maxed] yes, all moves
[Met at level] (egg hatched)
[Met at place] Iron Island
[Date Met] whenever you make it
[Egg Received] yes
[Date Egg Received] whenever you make it


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Im giving up on pe2k. moving on to smogon. maybe back later, not likely.
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