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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Here's an theatrical preview for a Gears of War fanfic:

The humans are falling, one by one. Our forces are weakening. After Landown fell during the Winter of Sorrow, I figured we were as good as dead; not even the hero of Aspho Fields could save our asses now. But then, hope. We successfully deployed the Lightmass Bomb down in the Hollow, effectively wiping out the Locust. Or, so we thought. The Locust are striking back even harder than ever now, making E-Day look like a picnic. And of course, where the hell is Delta Squad? Nobody's seen them around for months. A few of our best, most elite gunners are heading down... there, into the Hollow, and I was one of the "lucky" ones. I guess it's finally time to take back Sera, long as we don't get blown to bits first.
Banner courtesy of Anastasia-R

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