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Default Re: Why hasn't Pokemon ditched 4kids?

I would post something better then what I am about about to post but Calypso did a better job of that.

Originally Posted by Scuba Stevee View Post
I totally agree with this.

Maybe if they make a separate anime for the older fans, because there's a lot of pokemon fans that are over the age of 15?
Don't hold your breath on it. That would be too much work for the animators and too expensive. It is hard enough to make new episodes on a weekly bases. Now think about asking those same people to make another anime that comes out on a weekly bases. When you think about it, the Pokemon anime comes out almost every week with maybe a week break every so often. Asking that same group to come up with a new series is a bit much.

To me the anime is doing better then it has been in past years. Could always be better but it is better not to push it.
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