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Default Re: New Title - DP138! [Spoiler]

Originally Posted by AshMistyMayfan View Post
Is Ash's mom going to be there, and what's her role going to be? Is this kind of like a promotion of the Johto remake of the game? I don't recall reading that the game has a link with Johto and Hoenn. But I hate to see Dawn taking on her mom. It means she'll probably lose, or maybe her mom may let her win.
I'm rather confused with what you mean here. Did you perhaps intend to write Sinnoh instead of "link with Johto"?

Besides, they always use the anime to promote the Pokemon featured in the games before they are released. Refer to the Advanced saga, where they added both Squirtle and Bulbasaur to May's team in the event of Fire Red/Leaf Green.

I'm not entirely certain of Delia's purpose here either, and don't really understand the need to give her another Pokemon, considering she doesn't utilize the one she has. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
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