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Default Re: EV Trained Pokemon + Shinies (Have events/legendaries/shinies)

im interested in your arceus

I have these to offer...............for arceus i can give you my EV trained umbreon, An event, and a shiny

or you can always pick what you want


- Movie Shaymin UT lvl.50 Serious

- Movie Darkrai UT lvl.50 Brave (Pokerus)

- Gamestop Deoxys UT Hardy lvl.50

- PKTOPIA Pikachu UT Hardy lvl.10

- 10 ANNIV. Celebi lvl.100 Lax

- TRU Shaymin UT lvl.50 Mild/Relaxed

- Alamos Darkrai UT lvl.50 Naive

- TRU Dragonite UT lvl.50 Mild

- Distant Land Lugia Touched lvl.50

EV Trained

- Umbreon Impish


- Minun UT lvl.13 Naive

- Electrike UT lvl.12 Serious

- Golem UT lvl.45 Sassy

- Magnezone UT lvl.31 Serious

- Registeel UT lvl.40 Mild

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