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Hyren was a prosperous land. An island several hundred kilometers south-west of the region of Kanto, it was both a very populous and well-known tourist attraction as it was a trainer's haven, harboring hundreds upon thousands of species of Pokemon that thrived in the various environments that the Island was home to.

In fact, that was one of the most peculiar things about Hyren. This Island, while rather large [being two hundred kilometers from north tip to south and a hundred and seventy from east to west], did not have any dominant weather or ecosystem. In fact, the Island of Hyren was divided into eleven regions based upon ecosystem. The reason it was so popular with Pokemon trainers was that within half an hour you could go from desert to ice age, consequently discovering all sorts of Pokemon.

... And then everything went wrong.
Hyren Utopia of Disaster

Hyren is a PG-13, advanced RP that gives way to a new dawn in Pokemon RPing. Instead of the usual "Travel around the region" we've added a whole new dimension- feel free to travel and adventure, but not all threads are monitored by mods- you can Free RP with friends too, challenge them to battles, or adventure with them. Of course, we have a Plot- and what's more, RPG mods won't hesitate to jump into your topics, changing their course entirely. It's much more of a social game, but the "essential" of every Pokemon RPG remains.

To find out more please read [The Cataclysm] [Yeah, it's long, but so long as you get most if it you're fine, feel free to skim a bit >_>] which is a complete history of Hyren.

Please note that we are still in our BETA Stages.
Have a great time on Hyren, don't forget to read all the rules!

[Hyren awaits you.][/blockquote]
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