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Default Re: Ref Log

elite 4 battle

6 vs 6
Holds Allowed
No Weather
No Terrain
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
OHKO Clause


(Elite) Leman: Tyranitar, Infernape, Jolteon, Starmie, Crobat, Kingdra
(Challenger) Adrenaline: Tyranitar, Starmie, Gliscor, Scizor, ???, ???

Tyranitar-A use Superpower to OHKO Tyranitar-L first turn! Then, Infernape was sent in to avenge its fallen companion. Not wanting to be slayed by a Close Combat, Tyranitar-A fled to the shelter of its Poke Ball and let Starmie take the blow. But, Infernape used Stealth Rock instead! Enraged by this, Starmie used Rapid Spin to blow them away while Infernape was switched out for Jolteon. Gliscor switched in for Starmie, but Leman predicted this and used Baton Pass! Leman's Starmie came in and tried to ice the Gliscor with an Ice Beam. NOT WHILE TYRANITAR'S AROUND! Tyranitar came in and absorbed the Ice Beam. Tyranitar then tried to seduce the Starmie with a sexy Dragon Dance. But, Starmie saw this cumming and used Reflect! Dancing is not fun without the lights off, so Tyranitar used Dark Pulse, dealing a huge chunk of damage to the Starmie! At the same time though, Starmie used Surf! Then, Infernape was switched in for Starmie, taking laughable damage from Dark Pulse. Starmie-A switched in for Tyranitar but took a Close Combat to the face. Then, Infernape was switched out for Jolteon as Starmie used Surf! Thunderbolt would be bad for Starmie, so Gliscor was sent in to absorb it. Gliscor then used Rock Polish as Leman's Starmie was sent in. Gliscor had a trick up its pants though; a Yache Berry!!1 So, it stayed in and Swords Danced while Starmie used Ice Beam. A mistake with the reffing occurred here, as Starmie should have been dead from Earthquake, but instead KO'd Gliscor with Surf. Scizor was sent in and used Agility as Crobat came in. TAUNT, IRON HEAD, U-TURN! OH, you know wut i'm talkin bout. Then TTar came in for Scizor and started Stone Edging Crobat as it used Sub. TTar-A used Dragon Dance as Crobat subbed again. But then, TTar-A pulled some tricky buisness and used Taunt as Crobat failed to Whirlwind. TTar then took an X-scissor as it Roared Crobat out and Jolteon was forced in. Rock Slide KO'd Jolteon but then Infernape revenge killed TTar with Mach Punch. Starmie-A was sent in and KO'd the weakened Infernape with Surf. Kingdra was sent in next! Starmie used parafusion against Kingdra but was eventually ko'd by Signal Beam. Scizor came in last, used Agility, then finished off the remainder of Leman's monsters.


Me: 4,000 + defeats elite
Leman: 3,000
Crazy: 2,000 for reffing?
DG: 2,000 for reffing?
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