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Default Re: \\+.+// The V.O.L.T.S \\+.+// [18/18] [We're OUT OF COOKIES!]

Originally Posted by Malomyotismon View Post
We are tied last with the eon clan I think that is the clan we need to fight. If we loose we may as welll disband there is nothing more to say really

Thanks for the back up mikey you just made me feel less of an A**

I want to choose war matchus this time.
No problem...

Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
I have nothing to say to be honest. If you guys feel like I'm a lousy leader or somewhat, then do whatever you think pleases you. I'm done rooting for people who don't even support me when I'm not here. A Leader can be anyone, and the 4 Gods, they aren't just there for the names. We created this Clan together, and Malo, you're already starting to push them all to me. Where's that one for all, all for one? Poli's post pleased me, but hey Mikey and Malo aren't too happy about the happenings. I've challenged the Eons a while ago, and Yamirami's Clan, but no replies/or declined. Give it a shot and ask them out again. Or worst to worst, if disbanding is what you all want, go ahead, I've no objections. When there's no interest, there's no point in trying so hard to preserve this team.

Thanks for letting me know how you guys feel, @ Malo, Mikey.

Hey, don't talk like that. I just prefer active clans that have more wars. I'm more of a battler than a God tbh.
Originally Posted by Trinity View Post
Well the main reasons for myself joining have abruptly come to an end. Therefore, I have no choice but to leave.

Good luck guys.
Cya Trin. Who knows, I might follow yah ;D
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