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Default Re: \\+.+// The V.O.L.T.S \\+.+// [18/18] [We're OUT OF COOKIES!]

Originally Posted by The Politoed Hunter View Post
If we lose we may as well disband? What is all that about? We are disbanding because of activity, not because of our win/loss record. If that is why we are disbanding, then I'm not sure this is the clan for me.
Well, it's simple. People are already disbanding from the looks of it. You guys are better of with a better/active clan which of course, is more active than this. I don't feel any regret over this anyways. Malo, I'm sorry about this, But feel free to take over this clan if you want, and continue at will. It's the least I can leave you with, since you + your clan members moved into this one.


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