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Default Re: ~.::Team Infinity::.~ [Team Song! Help choose a theme for our team~]

Hi big sis! I play PMD everyday, so I guess I'll be active for rescuing and such.

Here's my Recruitment Form:

Team name: Team Star Gazer.
Pokemon on Team: Sonah (Yeah, same Arcanine on both my Pearl and URPG... well, soon to be. ^^'), Zeon (Luxray), Zaye (Weavile), and Fiarra (Flareon).
Team Rank: Master Rank
Where can you rescue: Anywhere except the Zero Isles, and Concealed Ruins. (I hate it there. SO MUCH. Dx)
PMD version: PMD2 ~ Explorers of Darkness

05/03/12: I claimed ↓ ♥

First banner with GIMP. Hooray for finally being able to make something. Nyar~ :3

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