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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley


It had been thirty days exactly since Lostelle had been taken from the Berry Forest while gathering berries for her father’s lunch. She was home eating breakfast, in her dining room with a pink, flowery wallpaper when the phone rang.

“Hello?” she said, wondering who might be calling.

“Lostelle?” a voice responded. “This is Mayor Tom Greene of Three Island.”

“Ooh!” Lostelle exclaimed. “Hi, Mayor!”

“Listen, Lostelle. You remember those Pokemon you helped save from the Rockets?”

“Yeah. What about them?”

“Well, we held them at the police station for thirty days, to see if any trainers would claim them, and we also notified the other islands. No one turned up. Those Pokemon must’ve been wild when they were captured. In any other circumstances, we would have been able to find the trainers by the computer chips in their Pokeballs, but given the situation… Well, we couldn’t do that. Lostelle, I’ll be arriving in the marketplace on Two Island shortly to meet you, okay? Oh! Bring a pair of Pokeballs.” Lostelle could imagine the Mayor’s warm smile as he hung up.

Lostelle immediately jumped into action. She was wearing a pair of frilly pink pajamas adorned with a picture of a Teddiursa, but she didn’t think it would be right to meet the mayor dressed that way. She went to her room, found a knee-length, jade-colored skirt, and a plain, white blouse, and quickly pulled them on. Moments later, the pink-haired girl was on her way out the door in a pair of pink flip flops.

The weather on Two Island was always pleasant, and that day was no different. The sun had just begun to really warm the air, and it was sending down a radiant, golden glow as Lostelle exited her house. The dew still on the island’s short grass splattered her toes as she ran from her house towards the marketplace. The trees scattered around the island swayed slightly in the gentle breeze that caressed the young girl’s face.

Incoherent chatter became audible as Lostelle drew closer and closer to the place where Mayor Greene would be meeting her. She wondered how the man would be arriving. By helicopter? No, that would disturb too many people. She passed through a natural gateway made by two tall trees and into the cobblestone-paved bazaar.

The marketplace wasn’t buzzing nearly as much as it would be in just a few hours, but there were still many people talking, either buying products from the carts that had already been set up, or putting things out for the morning. Then, Lostelle saw the air just a few yards in front of her become strangely blurred, and with a loud noise like waves gushing over sand, a large Pokemon appeared, its left hand on a tall man’s shoulder.

“Thank you, Alakazam,” Mayor Greene said.

“Hi, Mr. Greene!” Lostelle exclaimed when she saw he had arrived.

“Lostelle! So nice to see you again,” the mayor responded, putting his hand out to shake the young girl’s. “Now, about those Pokemon…” The man reached into his pocket and pulled out two black Pokeballs, each imprinted with a dark red “R” logo.

“We kept them in the original Pokeballs because we didn’t want to accidentally pass ownership to ourselves. However, now that you’ll be their trainer, you can put them in your own Pokeballs,” the mayor said.
“Did you bring some?” he asked, releasing both Pokemon onto the ground. The first thing Lostelle noticed was that both Pokemon no longer had their grotesque tattoos.

“Yes, we did some corrective surgery to make those ugly tattoos disappear,” Mayor Greene said, seeing Lostelle’s reaction. She had pulled out two empty Pokeballs. “Now, what I need to do is disable the old Pokeballs.” The man pulled out a small device and stuck it into a small socket inside each of the black spheres. The light in the Pokeballs’ buttons died as their Pokemons’ ties to the balls were severed.

“Now, Lostelle, your Pokeballs.” The pink-haired girl complied, throwing a red-and-white sphere at the Happiny, and one at Munchlax. Then, she waited. Happiny’s Pokeball wobbled twice, then came to rest on the ground, to Lostelle’s surprise. However, the other Pokeball broke open, and Munchlax materialized, yawning.

“I think Happiny is glad to finally have a trainer after that ordeal… but it looks like Munchlax wants you to battle him fair and square first, Lostelle,” the mayor said, smiling. “This looks like it should be quite entertaining. Good luck, Lostelle.” The mayor gave Lostelle a thumbs-up, then found a wooden bench a short distance away and sat on it. Lostelle smiled as she reached into her pocket for her only other Pokemon.

“Come on out, Volbeat!” the trainer yelled, releasing her black firefly onto the ground. The two Pokemon faced each other, Munchlax wearing a smug smile, Volbeat completely focused.

“Volbeat! Confuse Ray!” Lostelle yelled, ready for a challenge. The bug Pokemon turned around, and its tail began to glow. The tail flashed rapidly, as though trying to daze its target with bright lights. For a moment, it did just that. Munchlax’s eyes widened, and it shook its head violently. However, it seemed as though the attack hadn’t affected the Pokemon as much as Lostelle had hoped. The blue Pokemon had relaxed itself quickly - as it was used to doing. Suddenly, with an unexpected vigor, the Munchlax rushed at Lostelle’s Pokemon.

“Volbeat! Protect yourself!” The black bug turned to see that Munchlax was running toward it. With another flash of the firefly’s tail, a wall of energy burst up between the two Pokemon. Munchlax ran head first into the force field and bounced backwards. The barrier disappeared. But Lostelle saw that it had been put down just a bit too early.

As it had fallen to the ground, Munchlax had grabbed a handful of cobblestones and dirt. As Volbeat turned to look at its opponent, the blue Pokemon flung the dirt and stones at its eyes. Lostelle’s Pokemon squealed as the dirt scratched at its eyes. Surprised at the Munchlax’s nasty fighting tactics, Lostelle yelled, “Volbeat! Double Team!”

Lostelle knew that Volbeat needed time to recover from the dirty attack, so she had prescribed a defensive strategy so that her Pokemon would have time. The bug suddenly seemed to clone itself. Three new Volbeats joined the first in surrounding the Munchlax. Completely confused, the blue Pokemon threw itself at one of the clones. The black bug shimmered and faded. Then Lostelle had another idea.

“Volbeat! Double Team again! Then use Bug Buzz!” She smirked as her Pokemon copied itself again, then covered her ears. There were now five Volbeats scattered around the blue Munchlax. In unison, they hunched over and began flapping their wings at supersonic speed. The high-pitched screeching noise coming from all around pummeled Munchlax, hurting its ears. The Pokemon was thrown into a frenzy.

In a rage, Munchlax ran screaming in a wide circle, barreling into each clone in turn. Finally, it reached the last of the figures. The real Volbeat. Lostelle’s Pokemon was unable to react quickly enough, and was thrown to the ground with Munchlax on top of it. Then, the furry Pokemon pushed off and jumped into the air, landing softly on its feet about a yard away, throwing up a flurry of cobblestones. Volbeat staggered up, only to find itself thrown into the ground again as Munchlax rushed back for another tackle. Seeing this, Lostelle yelled, “Volbeat, use a Double-Edge to counter it!”

Sure enough, Munchlax, fire in its eyes, was beginning to come back around again. Volbeat drew in its head and ran at full speed towards the charging blue Pokemon. The two met and slammed into each other, both bouncing off and falling. In moments, the two Pokemon were back on their feet and in a wrestling match, each one trying to tackle the other to the ground. Munchlax seemed to be winning. It had Lostelle’s Pokemon bending toward the ground.

“Volbeat! Get out of there! Quick Attack!” The bug Pokemon suddenly disappeared and Munchlax fell on its face. It didn’t have time to stand back up when Volbeat came in and dove at blinding speed, knocking the chunky Pokemon into the air.

“Volbeat! Finish it with a Signal Beam!” Lostelle yelled, excited. Her Pokemon turned to face the Munchlax as it landed. Volbeat hunched over, and a bright light appeared in its tail. The tail began glittering in an array of vibrant colors. Munchlax found the strength to stand as the attack was released. A shimmering beam of colored light blasted into the blue Pokemon’s face, sending it careening backwards into a wall. The Munchlax collapsed and was still. Lostelle threw a Pokeball at the Pokemon. It wobbled. Once… Twice…

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