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Default Re: Top 10 Best Pokemon-Make Your Own List!

Personally, I hate almost all legendaries, so my legendary list would go:

1. Mewtwo
2. Lugia
3. Articuno
4. Latios (if that's the blue one, haha)
5. Latias
6. Suicune

But for Pogeymanz that are actually cool...

1. Tauros
2. Venomoth
3. Raichu
4. Bulbasaur
5. Ivysaur
6. Golduck
7. Quilava
8. Lickitung
9. Dewgong
10.{strike]Weedle[/strike] Scyther

OK, so I like weird Kanto mons, and only one other-region mon made it to my list, but...ssh.
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