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Default Re: Record of hot & spicy battles

No items/helds
No Terrain

The Politoed Hunter v. Ayotui
Politoed, Gyarados & Quagsire v. Cacnea, Gyarados & Rhyperior

After Hypnosis kept failing to hit, TPH switched to Gyara, who got up three Dragon Dances and KOed Cacnea with Ice Fang. Ayotui sent in his own Gyarados, who was killed by TPH's. Gyarados performed an Aqua Tail on Rhyperior, but it missed, so was killed by a Stone Edge. Two HM Surfs from Quagsire was all it took afterwards.

Just because Ayotui asked me to, I'll say he put up a good fight. xP

TPH: $1000
Ayotui: $500
Xalapeno: $1500
TOTAL PAY: $5500

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