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Default Re: FrozenVirus's EVENT Thread! =]

Originally Posted by FrozenVirus View Post
Hey Mana. I'm totally fine about you having both. There's a problem though. Since you live in Japan and all, and I live in Canada, there's a 13 hour difference between us. So when you're awake, I'm probably asleep, and when I'm awake, you're probably sleeping. But anyways, can you tell me when you can get on so we can trade? =)

Thank u so much for receiving.
Yes,'s a big problem on time difference.
I'm often in, on this time.
But, tomorrow and the day affter tomorrow, in Japan, it's Saturday and Sunday.
so, it's two days off.

So, I'll check whether you're online or not.
and when you are online, I'll come.

Is that OK?
I'm looking forward to seeing you.
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