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Default Re: Pokemon Movie 12 Vs Harry Potter 6 in Japan

Originally Posted by Pokemon_Ron View Post
yeh thats what i hate in highschool, the immature jerks
same here. its all about football guns and lots of sex in my high school, so i keep to myself a lot
Originally Posted by Scuba Stevee View Post
I play the games inbetween classes at my college, and no one bothers me. But I'm around more mature people (most of the time) and I'm pretty scary looking so
i mostly play my platinum at lunch, but maturity is a rarity at my school so i cant find a mature group at my schoo to prevent a vicious fight
Originally Posted by Pokemon_Ron View Post
well, i read manga in school and im in 10th grade and no one says anything.
i dont go around saying i like pokemon tho, thats a deathwish
i dont read manga so i wouldnt know much in that situation. However going into junior year and showing interest in pokemon is a gang magnet
Originally Posted by manga1313 View Post
lol i hide tht i know pokemon in school cause no likes it,(unlike japan)
but i do talk about anime and manga to one of my friends
i wish usa and britian were like japan
i hang with a small group of kids (no asians) and a few like pokemon but the subject is switched rather quickly when pokemon is brought up. mostly the group i hang with plays a lot of cards and talking about the sinnoh region is discouraged but not taboo since no one really likes the 4th generation of pokemon in my school
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