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Default Project Swift [Recruiting]

Welcome to Project Swift! If you're interested in battling and enjoy having fun! This just might be the Clan for you. Here, we do not only promote a fun environment, but also a place to grow and learn more about the wonderful world of Pokemon! We don't exactly emphasize on competitive battling, we play for pure enjoyment of the game itself and all that it has to offer! So, even if you're keen on competitive battling but still enjoy having a good old time, this clan still just might suit you!


Dragonite's strength and speed make it an ideal mascot for Project Swift. The training and handling of a Dragonite requires much skill and patience, each which must be acquired over time as both trainer and Pokemon evolve together. Dragonite are also known to be mysterious, loyal, kindhearted and intelligent. Project Swift therefore serves to train its members in Dragonite's image, not only for the thrill of victory, but for love of the game.

Please do make sure you follow the forum rules!
As well as the Battling Centers rules!
Other than that, I really don't think we need to explain anything else!

7/25/09 - Clan was formed!
7/26/09 - Clan became Official!

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