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Default Re: Iron Warlords Breeding and Trade Imporium

Originally Posted by Pokemon_Ron View Post
ummmm bad news. scyther cant learn superpower, only scizor can through a move tutor

whaf we can do is i trade you the scyther and it evolves into scizor, you trade it back and ill teach it superpower. sound good?

ill take one of your UT Shinys, ill pick which 1 in a sec
Ahh crap, yeah that means I won't be able to egg move breed it. Well, then I don't need super power at all.

But, what I can do, for almost the same deal, is I trade you my scyther that I already bred/partially EV trained, evolve it into Scizor, and you can teach it bullet punch overtop of Quick Attack, and trade it back. I don't need superpower on my scizor, I needed it to breed one for a friend, but as I can't do that it's not good to me.

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