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Default Re: My new pokemon game called "The poke odosey"

Originally Posted by Chao Breeder
I haven`t downloaded the program yet. But, I have a water type starter already set up. The images arent that good so if you can please help me. Also, the pokemon dont gain experience. They level up after every battle they compete in. If they use Exp. share then they gain 1/2 a level. Kinda like the URPG.



This pokemon was in a battle with it`s arch-nemesis. The battle lasted for 10 days and in the battle the opposing Slyzer gouged one of Droppie`s eyes out. The battle resulted in a tie.

Evolves into Droppel at 16 battles



After evolution, this pokemon gained a rain cloud stomach. It is used to store energy. Once it evolves it launches extreme electric attacks.

Evolves into Droppo at 32 battles(16 more battles)



This pokemon`s rain cloud enables it to store large amounts of electricity. Each battle helps it gain strength for attacks.

Droppo does not evolve however every 5 battles as soon as Droppo is sent out it does damage equal to half of the defending pokemon`s Max Hp.
Okay i don't think this should be allowed. Its basically a few sprites. I have a feeling that you have no clue what your going to do once you start. i have RPG Maker 2003 and can't figure out how to make SOLID WALLS in an enviorment.

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