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18th.July. Eigakan Arceus, HASTY natured, Quick to flee
19th.July. Eigakan Arceus, CAREFUL natured, Alert to sounds
20th.July. Eigakan Arceus, NAIVE natured, Often dozes off
21th.July. Eigakan Arceus, BRAVE natured, Strong willed
22th.July. Eigakan Arceus, BOLD natured, Often scatters things
23th.July. Eigakan Arceus, SERIOUS natured, Quick to flee
24th.July. Eigakan Arceus, IMPISH natured, Often dozes off
25th.July. Eigakan Arceus, HARDY natured, Likes to thrash about
26th.July. Eigakan Arceus, TIMID natured, Mischievous

for my noks
Ok, i see.
But it lacks the number of PKMNs which i'll offer.
do you need any dates of Eigakan Arceus?
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