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Default Re: Tsuki's Stats;;


Hardy, Female
Abilities;; Early Bird:: This Pokemon may wake up faster than other Pokemon
Flash Fire:: Prevents damage from Fire attacks. When hit by a fire attack, User Pokťmonís Fire moves become stronger
Moves;; Leer, Ember, Roar, Smog, Howl, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Faint Attack, Flamethrower, Crunch, Beat Up, Fire Fang, Embargo, Nasty Plot, Thunder Fang
TMs;; Sludge Bomb, Double Team, Dark Pulse
Battles;; 17/26/0
Obtained;; Starter

Serious, Male
Abilities;; Sand Stream:: Summons Sandstorm into battle.
Moves;; Leer, Bite, Sandstorm, Screech, Rock Slide, Thrash, Scary Face, Crunch, Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Dark Pulse, Payback, Stone Edge, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang
TMS;; Hidden Power (Fighting), Water Pulse, Aerial Ace
Battles;; 17/33/0
Obtained;; PokeMart

Gentle, Female
Abilities;; Keen Eye:: Prevents ACCURACY loss
Insomnia:: Prevents SLEEP
Moves;; Tackle, Growl, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Cotton Spore, Light Screen, Thunder, Charge, Discharge, Signal Beam, Power Gem, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
TMS;; Brick Break, Rain Dance, Hidden Power Fire
Battles;; 21/15/0
Obtained;; Got from Shocking, Isn't it?,

Modest, Male
Abilities;; Keen Eye:: Prevents ACCURACY loss
Insomnia:: Prevents SLEEP
Moves;; Tackle, Growl, Foresight, Peck, Hypnosis, Reflect, Take Down, Confusion, Dream Eater, Air Slash, Zen Headbutt, Extrasensory, Psycho Shift, Roost, Sky Attack, Uproar
TMs;; Hidden Power Steel, Steel Wing, Toxic, Double Team
Battles;; 5/17/0
Obtained;; PokeMart

Micky Swampert
Adamant, Female
Abilities;; Torrent: When below 33% HP, Water Attacks are raised 1.5x.
Moves;; Tackle, Growl, Mud Slap, Water Gun, Bide, Foresight, Mud Sport, Take Down, Whirlpool, Protect, Hydro Pump, Endeavor, Mud Shot, Muddy Water, Earthquake, Mud Bomb, Hammer Arm
TMs;; Ice Beam, Stone Edge, Stealth Rock, Counter
Battles;; 3/11/0
Obtained;; PokeMart

Docile, Female
Abilities;; Natural Cure: Heals after battle. Or Poison Point: 30% chance to POISON Enemy Pokemon when directly hit
Moves;; Absorb, Growth, Water Sport, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Worry Seed, Leech Seed, Magical Leaf, Grasswhistle, Giga Drain, Toxic Spikes, Sweet Scent, Ingrain, Toxic, Petal Dance, Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Weather Ball, Poison Sting
TMs;; Hidden Power (Fighting), Substitute, Shadow Ball
Battles;; 0/0/0
Obtained;; Trade with Idrium

???, Female
Abilities;; Rock Head: No Recoil damage. Or. Sturdy: One-hit KOís wonít work
Moves;; Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Selfdestruct, Rollout, Rock Blast, Earthquake, Explosion, Double Edge, Rock Polish, Rock Blast, Stone Edge, Harden
TMs/MTs/BMs;; Sucker Punch, Superpower
Battles;; 1/2/10
Obtained;; Gift from Bee!

???, Female
Abilities;; Suction Cups; canít be removed from battle
Moves;; Astonish, Constrict, Acid, Ingrain, Confuse Ray, Amnesia, Ancientpower, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Gastro Acid, Energy Ball, Wring Out
TMs/MTs/BMs;; Barrier, Mirror Coat, Recover, Sludge Bomb, Rock Polish, Toxic, Protect
Battles;; 3/2/0
Obtained;; Gift from Adrenaline!

NaÔve, Female
Abilities;; Levitate; Ground attacks donít work
Moves;; Growl, Psywave, Spite, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Psybeam, Pain Split, Perish Song, Grudge, Payback, Shadow Ball, Lucky Chant, Magical Leaf, Power Gem
Battles;; 0/1/0
Obtained;; Gift from Rosie

???, Male
Abilities;; Snow Cloak: Evasion +1 during Hail
Moves;; Sand Attack, Tail Whip, Tackle, Quick Attack, Bite, Take Down, Growl, Focus Energy, Baton Pass, Helping Hand, Last Resort, Trump Card, Icy Wind, Ice Shard, Ice Fang, Mirror Coat, Hail, Blizzard, Barrier
TMs;; Substitute, Attract, Hidden Power Flying, Signal Beam
Battles;; 2/3/8
Obtained;; Gift from Nemo

Naughty, Female
Abilities;; Rock Head: Prevents Recoil damage. Or. Sturdy: Prevents 1 Hit KO attacks
Moves;; Fake Tears, Copycat, Flail, Low Kick, Rock Throw, Mimic, Block, Faint Attack, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Slam, Sucker Punch, Double Edge
Battles;; 1/7/0
Obtained;; Gift from Sec

Rash, Female
Abilities;; Guts
Moves;; Growl, Peck, Focus Energy, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team, Endeavor, Aerial Ace, Agility, Air Slash
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Protect, Attract
Battles;; 0/1/0
Obtained;; Gift from DarkGardevoir

Hasty, Female
Abilities;; Huge Power: Attack stat is doubled, Thick Fat: Ice and Fire Type attacks to 50% damage
Moves;; Splash, Charm, Tail Whip, Bubble, Slam, Water Gun, Defense Curl, Tackle, Rollout, Bubblebeam, Double Edge, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring, Aqua Tail
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Waterfall
Battles;; 1/1/0
Obtained;; Gift from FD

Naughty, Female
Abilities;; Poison Point: 30% change to POISON Enemy Pokemon when hit physically. Or. Rivalry: If Enemy Pokemon is Female, Nidoqueen gains Attack +1
Moves;; Tackle, Growl, Scratch, Tail Whip, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Bite, Helping Hand, Fury Swipes, Flatter, Body Slam, Superpower, Crunch, Toxic Spikes, Captivate, Poison Fang, Earth Power Battles;; 0/11/0
Obtained;; Gift from Edmund

Adamant, Male
Abilities;; Swarm: Bug moves raise 1.5x when Ariados is at 3.3HP or less. Or. Insomnia: Prevents SLEEP
Moves;; String Shot, Poison Sting, Scary Face, Constrict, Night Shade, Leech Life, Fury Swipes, Spider Web, Agility, Psychic, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Pin Missile, Poison Jab, Bug Bite
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Hidden Power Psychic,
Battles;; 0/0/0
Obtained;; Trade with Sec

Wormadam (Plant)
Relaxed, Female
Abilities;; Anticipation: Knows if Enemy Pokemon has Super Effective attacks.
Moves;; Protect, Tackle, Hidden Power (Psychic), Bug Bite, Confusion, Razor Leaf, Growth, Psybeam, Captivate, Flail, Attract, Psychic, Leaf Storm
Battles;; 0/7/0
Obtained;; Trade with Eeveedude

Mr. Mime
Naughty, Male
Abilities;; Soundproof: Mr. Mime is unaffected by Sound attacks. Or. Filter: Super Effective attacks to half damage to Mr. Mime
Moves;; Tickle, Barrier, Confusion, Copycat, Meditate, Encore, Doubleslap, Mimic, Light Screen, Reflect, Psybeam, Substitute, Recycle, Trick, Psychic, Role Play, Baton Pass, Safeguard, Magical Leaf, Power Swap, Guard Swap
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Thunderbolt
Battles;; 10/0/0
Obtained;; Mart

Quirky, Male
Abilities;; Flash Fire
Moves;; Nasty Plot, Ember, Tail Whip, Roar, Quick Attack, Will-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Imprison, Flamethrower, Safeguard, Payback, Fire Spin, Captivate, Grudge, Extrasensory, Fire Blast
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Ominous Wind, Energy Ball, Dark Pulse, Attract
Battles;; 11/1/0
Obtained;; Mt. Deckbi Ė First Park Expedition

Calm, Female
Abilities;; Synchronize
Moves;; Sand Attack, Tail Whip, Tackle, Quick Attack, Bite, Take Down, Growl, Focus Energy, Baton Pass, Helping Hand, Last Resort, Trump Card, Confusion, Swift, Psybeam, Psych Up, Psychic, Morning Sun, Future Sight, Power Swap
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Hidden Power (Bug), Shadow Ball
Battles;; 0/7/0
Obtained;; Trade with Nemo

Jolly, Male
Abilities;; Plus: Multiplies SPECIAL ATTACK by 1.5x when ability Minus is in battle
Moves;; Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Spark, Encore, Fake Tears, Charge, Thunder, Baton Pass, Agility, Copycat, Swift, Last Resort, Nasty Plot
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Grass Knot, Zap Cannon, Signal Beam
Battles;; 1/0/0
Obtained;; Trade with Bee

Careful, Female
Abilities;; Minus: Multiplies SPECIAL ATTACK by 1.5x when ability Plus is in battle
Moves;; Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Spark, Encore, Fake Tears, Charge, Thunder, Baton Pass, Agility, Copycat, Swift, Trump Card, Nasty Plot, Charm
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Charge Beam, Attract, Toxic, Hidden Power (Fighting)
Battles;; 1/0/0
Obtained;; Trade with Near

Serious, Male
Abilities;; Chlorophyll / Early Bird
Moves;; Bide, Harden, Growth, Nature Power, Synthesis, Sunny Day, Explosion, Pound, Fake Out, Torment, Faint Attack, Razor Wind, Swagger, Extrasensory, Razor Leaf, Whirlwind, Leaf Storm
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Psych Up, Toxic, X-scissors
Battles;; 0/0/0
Obtained;; Trade with Zombie Muse

Brave, Female
Abilities;; Insomnia / Frisk
Moves;; Knock Off, Night Shade, Screech, Curse, Spite, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-Wisp, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch, Embargo, Snatch, Grudge, Trick
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Attract, Hidden Power [Ice], Psychic, Substitute, Thunder, Thunder Wave
Battles;; 0/0/0
Obtained;; Gift from Ataro!

Jolly, Female
Abilities;; Oblivious or Forewarn
Moves;; Pound, Lick, Sweet Kiss, Powder Snow, Confusion, Sing, Mean Look, Fake Tears, Psychic, Perish Song, Blizzard, Lucky Chant, Avalanche, Copycat, Lovely Kiss, Doubleslap, Ice Punch, Body Slam, Thrash, Wake-up Slap, Wring Out
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Hidden Power (Water), Substitute, Toxic, Attract
Battles;; 0/6/1
Obtained;; Trade with Bee!

<3 Eddy <3
NaÔve, Male
Abilities;; Keen Eye/Run Away
Moves;; Tackle, Scratch, Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Slam, Helping Hand, Follow Me, Rest, Amnesia, Foresight, Sucker Punch, Baton Pass, Hyper Voice, Me First
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Sleep Talk, Shadow Claw, Double Team, Ice Punch, Hidden Power (Rock)
Battles;; 4/4/0
Obtained;; Trade with Sec!

Lax, Male
Abilities;; Guts/Run Away
Moves;; Swords Dance, Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Bite, Pursuit, Hyper Fang, Sucker Punch, Scary Face, Crunch, Assurance, Super Fang, Double Edge, Endeavor
Battles;; 0/7/0
Obtained;; Vines

Bold, Female
Abilities;; Hyper Cutter/Sand Veil
Moves;; Poison Sting, Sand Attack, Harden, Quick Attack, Faint Attack, Slash, Screech, Guillotine, Knock Off, Fury Cutter, Swords Dance, U-turn, X-scissor
Battles;; 7/0/0
Obtained;; Vines

Rash, Male
Abilities;; Mold Breaker
Moves;; Headbutt, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit, Take Down, Scary Face, Assurance, Ancientpower, Zen Headbutt, Screech, Head Smash, Endeavor
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Stone Edge, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Surf
Battles;; 0/0/0
Obtained;; Gift from Bee!

Calm, Male
Moves;; Tackle, Protect, Taunt, Metal Sound, Take Down, Iron Defense, Swagger, Ancientpower, Endure, Metal Burst, Iron Head, Block
Battles;; 0/0/0
Obtained;; Gift from Sec!

Timid, Male
Abilities;; Hustle/Serene Grace
Moves;; Charm, Growl, Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Yawn, Encore, Ancientpower, Follow Me, Wish, Safeguard, Double Edge, Baton Pass, Last Resort
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Sub
Battles;; 10/0/0
Obtained;; Trade with PKMN Ron!

Impish, Female
Abilities;; Swift Swim/Battle Armor
Moves;; Scratch, Harden, Absorb, Leer, Sand Attack, Endure, Mega Drain, Slash, Mud Shot, Metal Sound, Mega Drain, Ancientpower, Aqua Jet, Wring Out, Hydro Pump
TMs/BMs/MTs;;Substitute, Waterfall, Confuse Ray
Battles;; 0/0/0
Obtained;; Gift from Nemo!

Impish, Female
Abilities;; Cute Charm
Moves;; Fake Out, Growl, Tail Whip, Tackle, Foresight, Attract, Sing, Copycat, DoubleSlap, Assist, Charm, Faint Attack, Wake-Up Slap, Covet, Heal Bell, Double-Edge, Captivate
Battles;; 0/7/0
Obtained;; Cristmas Time is Near

Brave, Male
Abilities;; Inner Focus
Moves;; Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Air Cutter, Mean Look, Acrobatics, Poison Fang, Haze, Air Slash
Battles;; 10/0/0
Obtained;; Trade

Brave, Female
Abilities;; Inner Focus
Moves;; Tackle, Sand-Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Whirlwind, Twister, FeatherDance, Agility, Wing Attack, Roost, Tailwind, Mirror Move, Air Slash, Hurricane
Battles;; 0/10/0
Obtained;; Trade

Gentle, Male
Abilities;; Torrent
Moves;; Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Water Sport, Focus Energy, Razor Shell, Fury Cutter, Water Pulse, Revenge, Aqua Jet, Encore, Aqua Tail, Retaliate, Swords Dance, Hydro Pump
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Dig, X-Scissor
Battles;; 0/10/0
Obtained;; Mart

Impish, Male
Abilities;; Keen Eye
Moves;; Peck, Leer, Fury Attack, Wing Attack, Hone Claws, Scary Face, Aerial Ace, Slash, Defog, Tailwind, Air Slash, Crush Claw, Sky Drop, Superpower, Whirlwind, Brave Bird, Thrash
TMs/BMs/MTs;; Return, U-turn
Battles;; 8/0/0
Obtained;; Mart

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