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Default Re: Scuba's P.M.T.P.E.W.I.M.P.W.A.P. 4U! [OPEN]

Originally Posted by Pokemon_Ron View Post
Pokemon: Infernape
Item: Life Orb
Trainer ID: 00058
Secret ID: One that looks legit
Level: 100
Nature: Hastey
Gender: Male
Shiny(y/n): No
Pokerus(infected/cured): No
Ivs(hp/atk/def/spd/sp.atk/sp.def): I want 31 IV's in Attack and Speed and Special attack round 25. Everything else can be random
Evs(hp/atk/def/spd/sp.atk/sp.def): 64 Attack/252 Special Attack, 192 Speed
Nickname: No Nickname
OT Gender: Male
Ball Caught In: Pokeball
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Growl
Met at Level: 1
Location: Ummm hes gonna hatch in a egg so idk what to put here
Date Met: July 25th, 2009
Egg hatched Location: Route 210
Fateful Encounter(y/n): No
Game Caught In: Platinum

Ill trade you a gamestop deoxys for this Sav'd Infernape and then ill put 2 other SAV requests.

sound good?

Gamestop Deoxys for 3 Sav's

Ummm dont you wanna know the moveset also?
Yeah that's good.
That's what I meant by moves xD I guess I should make that more clear.
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