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Default Re: Scuba's P.M.T.P.E.W.I.M.P.W.A.P. 4U! [OPEN]

Pokemon: ho-oh
Item:life orb
Trainer ID: 51841
Secret ID: something that looks legit
Level: 70
Nature: adamant
Gender: none
Shiny(y/n): not
Pokerus(infected/cured): cured
Evs(hp/atk/def/spd/sp.atk/sp.def):192 HP / 252 Atk / 66 Spe
Nickname: none
OT Gender: male
Ball Caught In: masterball
Move 1:sacredd fire
Move 2:earthquake
Move 3:subistote
Move 4:roost
Max PP in all moves(y/n): no
Met at Level: 70
Location: kanto,arrived at level 70
Date Met: jul.23.2005
Egg hatched Location:none
Fateful Encounter(y/n):no
Game Caught In:fire red
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