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Default Game Projects Rules

Please start your own thread to show your game. Please include the game's description/plot, and screenshots if possible. You may also want to include a list of key features of the game.

Need Sufficient Proof that the Game is Going Somewhere
Although you are allowed to start new threads for games in progress (even in early stages of the game), you must first demonstrate that the game will go somewhere by showing you know how to make the game and have a thorough plan for the game (a description/plot). In other words, if you have a plan for a game, but don't know how to make the game itself, please do make a thread for it (you need to know how to make the game first).

Everyone is encouraged to reply with feedback to the games, both positive and negative, but please, keep the insults out.

Rom Hacking
As many people have said before, this forum does not do rom hacking. There are many threads about this on the first page, so read some of them. You'll notice we all say the same, and they all get locked. The mods and G-mods will lock them if they see any, and for those hackers out there: We don't do rom hacking!

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