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Default Re: Michael's Reffing Log

Helds On
Rain Weather
Clauses On
Blackhorny Gym Battle!


Fierce Deity vs Soda
Dragonite, Tyranitar, Kingdra VS. Ambipom, Weavile, Salamence

Ambipom got rid of rain first turn while Nite D-Danced. Ambipom then PAR'd Dragonite and then U-Turned to Weavile. I tried to be tricky and swords dance but no dice, Dragonite OHKO'd Weavile with Superpowers. I brought Salamence in and D-Clawd ftko. He then brought CB T-Tar in, I switched to Ambipom and took a Stone Edge. Ambipom used tickle, was KO'd, then Mence back in. With Atk-2 and being locked into Stone Edge Mence was able to get a D-Dance in and OHKO T-Tar then Kingdra.

Soda - $2000 + Rising Badge + TM Dragon Pulse
Alonzo - $1000
Leman - $500 | Micheal - $1000
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