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Default Re: Master and Apprentice Tournament [Finals]

[3v3][No items/Held not okay][Normal Weather/Normal Terrain][Revo][Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/item Clause]

Poke123 VS Moon Master

Alakazam & Swampert & Snorlax


Infernape & Salamence & Kingdra

Poke123 made good moves and took a chance, it payed off. Alakazam uses Psychic while Nape used U-Turn to Salamence. To stop Dragon Dance Zam used Taunt, but was killed when Salamence used D-Claw. Swampert came in, used Ice Beam and Salamence used Outrage. Swampert protected, causing Salamence to become confused due to Outrage. It used Stealth Rocks, while Salamence uses Outrage again. Salamence smacked allowing Swampert to KO. Kingdra took out Swampert forcing Snorlax. Kingdra was hit by the SR, it used Rain Dance and Lax used Double Edge. Kingdra used Waterfall for the flinch, but Lax didn't and Double Edge Ko'ed. SR killed Nape when it forced.

Poke123: $2,000
Moon Master: $1,000
Me: $1,500

Salary: $6,500
Coordinator Stat's

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