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Default PBR Wi-Fi Tourney:(Singles: 7/8 = Fail/Now Doing Round Robin Doubles:WINNER:mattj)

This tourney is just because I don't remember ever seeing anything for us PBR battlers here on a large scale. I am keeping the number for the tourey at 8 people, for now, but if there is a larger showing than what I expect, I will make room for more people.

Rules for this tourney:

These rules can be set by the battlers host in game...

6v6 Battles
Lvl 50 All
Sleep Clause
Spieces Clause
OHKO Clause
If all remaining Pokemon are fainted by means of Selfdestruct or Explosion, the user looses
Perish Song and Destiny Bond Fail if used by the last Pokemon on a team

These rules cannot be set in game, so we will be working on the honor system here.
Smogon OU tiers
Only one each of the Choice Items (One Choice Band, One Choice Scarf, One Choice Specs) per team
Only One Focus Sash per team
Soul Dew is Band
All other items have no limits

The brackets for this tourney will be set up after the competitors have all signed up. If either singles or doubles fill up before the other one, we can start that portion of the tourney early.

Competitors for Singles:

1) The Politoed Hunter
2) cutter kirby
3) aura dude
4) Knuckles
5) dj-tiny
6) Smoo
7) Skippy the Great
8) n/a

Competitors for Doubles:

1) Skippy the Great
2) The Politoed Hunter*(competing for 3rd place)
3) cutter kirby
4) aura dude
5) SwitchBlade*(competing for 3rd place)
6) Knuckles
7) mattj
8) GreySong

If anybody has any issues with their round one battles, please take it up with this guy...

...who also claims to already know the eventual winner of this tourney.

Singles: Round One (Round Robin)(Everybody battle everybody else one time. Top 4 Advance)

The Politoed Hunter: 0/0
cutter kirby: 0/0
aura dude: 0/0
Knuckles: 0/0
dj-tiny: 0/0
Smoo: 0/0
Skippy the Great: 0/0

Doubles: Round One

aura dude v. mattj
The Politoed Hunter v. cutter kirby
Skippy the Great v. SwitchBlade
Knuckles v. GreySong

Doubles: Round Two

mattj v. The Politoed Hunter*
SwitchBlade* v. GreySong

Doubles: Third Place Battle

The Politoed Hunter v. SwitchBlade

Doubles: Finals

GreySong v. mattj

The winners stay white...The losers are in red.

I also occasionally do wifi battles.

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