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Default Re: Manga13's trading 3 arceus and all NoKs including Pikachu!!

Originally Posted by manga1313 View Post
can i have these
Shiny Uxie.
Shiny Rotom.
Shiny Trapinch.
Ev'ed Scizor. 274hp/391atk/274def/129sp atk/178sp def/164spd
Shiny Togepi.
Ev'ed Celebi. 403 hp/206atk/225 def/231 sp. atk/205 sp def/301 spd

i do but your offline now

okay tht will be monday
Hello j would like to know if there n is any means d to obtain to shellder or oddih jeremy?

I you l exchange for regigigas eusteu09 C legit 100 % rare extreme reactionary
Thank you

Forgive my sentence but I am french and l English n is not my fort
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