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Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
Wow, I'd have to agree with everyone. ^^ I love the style and the realism, too, and you really have a great sense of art. ^^ I think the Ursaring's my favourite. ;P

I'd love to see a tutorial so we can see how you go through it step by step and create the effects you do. ^^ ...A Flareon, perhaps? :DDD *nudges*


Thank you. ^^ I'd be happy to make a tutorial if you guys are really interested. :o

Originally Posted by Tombi View Post
Oooh, I love the bear. :D Great job.

I'd love to see you tackle something really challenging like a... Heatran or a Steelix. O:
Originally Posted by Onii-San View Post
It's an Ursaring, love.. xD

I personally love that Arcanine, and I agree with Tombi, a Steelix would be pretty ninja to see. Great work on all of them, though.

Mwahaha, I'm a sucker for requests.

Originally Posted by Operative View Post

It's great!

But I don't know about the flames near it. They don't look... as free as a normal fire would. They seems a bit stiff and immovable. Maybe try random strokes?

Yeah, that's just a result of being lazy. XD I plan to go back to that one and fix the blending as well as put in some kind of glow effect. The lighting doesn't make much sense in that image, I was just practicing a few different effects, lol.

Thanks for the tips though. :)

Originally Posted by -Adam- View Post
Emma these are pretty awesome ^_^

I really like how realistic they are so good job, and Ursaring is the one I like the most

Thanks dood. :D I'll have to pick some more to do in the style of Ursaring.
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