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Default Re: Manga13's and Shadowpichu's Project: Collect shinies

Welcome to my breeding machine DITTO
Ok people this is wear the magic happens
i will breed you pokemon you want

1. i dont iv breed
2. i might be able to do specail move breeds such as TM's or HM's i have
3. use the request form
4. if i have the pokemon you want to breed with i will do it to save time
if i dont have the pokemon you want to breed with well you'll have to trade that with me and i will keep one egg

breeding form:
pokemon you want to breed with:
what time or day you want it by:
what TM or hm move set you will request:

ok now you have the form
start requesting

LOL funny picture

Raising/evolving form:
What lvl should i raise it to:
Should i evolve it:
Should i Ev it:

i can turn your weak pokemon from this :

to this:
Banner made by me!

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