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Default Re: Hip-Hop 101: Who you should be listening to.

Originally Posted by iReign View Post
I disagree with that statement. I believe he should stay right where he is. I find that his mixtapes > his albums. If you would dig a little deeper one Youtube than just maybe the front page of Lil Wayne search results, you'd find some pretty good songs, and maybe even some with a message. I must admit that Tha Carter III was a disappointment, with only really one track that I REALLY like (Mr. Carter), but Tha Carter and Tha Carter II were really good. I find that his verses were a lot better before he dropped Tha Carter III as well. In my opinion, Wayne can be a monster on someone elses song, but his own can be kind of lack luster. Therefor, he is placed where he should stay.
I have Tha Carter, II and III, and a random mix tape downloaded, to check them out and because my brothre wanted them, didn't like them, at all, hated III, I and II weren't much better either, mixtape (I think it was Da Drought 2) was better than all three, though not by much. The only songs I actually really, really enjoyed by Lil Wayne was My Life and Let It Rock, and both where guest appearences I think, not one hundred percent sure. I think the main reason why I hate him is because of his voice really... it's just annoying and really kills nearly all of his songs. s:

I stand by the Lil Wayne on the Ignore List, but I can kinda understand if he stays where he is. Still doesn't mean I like him though. .

EDIT: Oh, I like Love Me or Hate Me as well, mainly because BLKOUT use it as their theme.
Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
Oh, you started Pe2k at the same age as me (12), you go to College and you're from England. In my head this all adds up to:

Stardy = awesome

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