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Default Re: ~Arkana's NEW and IMPROVED Shoppe of Unloved Individuals-Include Shokotan Pichu~

Originally Posted by Nelly View Post
What would you be willing to trade for a Pikachu Colored Pichu?
I'll trade that and any two others for a Movie Arceus.
Originally Posted by manga1313 View Post
is this legit and UT Almia Darkrai- Modest
i can offer a 10th jahre lugia UT or a game shaymin UT(got myself)
They are legit. No thanks.

Originally Posted by Iron Warlord View Post
What do you what for your Shiny Azelf?

I have a trade thread listed in my signature, but some other stuff you might be interested if none of those suits your fancy, just PM me.
I'll check it out.

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