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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< Chapter Four Up!

Shut up >.>

Just wait and see what happens to them both as they keep writing the story - Grassy did after all run into a bathroom door XD

*Still snickering* ^^


Chapter Four

<Iyoku… Iyoku! Hey! Wake up!>

The grey hedgehog’s turquoise eyes opened, and he glared at Kiyo who was the one who had sent her telepathic voice into his thoughts, disturbing his sleep – or, what little of it he could get. He normally slept with his mind still half awake and aware of his surroundings, ready to draw his sword or prepare and launch an attack at the sound of even a twig snapping, but this world seemed to be more forgiving, and not as harsh as the future… so far, anyway.

<What is it?> He asked, slightly irritated.

The Lapras watched the skies for a few seconds, apparently concerned with the stars that still shone overhead, although, it was beginning to lighten considerably on the horizon. <Come with me, quickly!> She said; <I want to show you something.>

Sighing inwardly, Iyoku got up from his resting place at the base of the tree after taking the other three Poke Balls that held Shourai, Yaiba and Koutei, and noiselessly made his way to the river before jumping – again, soundlessly – onto the Water-Ice Type’s back. Iyoku was rather happy that he had practiced his stealth, having probably not woken anyone else up unless they were very light sleepers as well.

Nazo stirred slightly, but did not wake. Although he was a moderate sleeper, it was not Iyoku's movement that had alerted him. Instead, it had been the Houndour curled up beside him, shifting her position as she silently watched the grey hedgehog bound off. She was awake because of her Dark Type attributes, but it was also...She felt unsettled, and unsure as to the cause. Her partner was leaning against a tree, oblivious to any cold the wind might blow, the unfinished amethyst clutched in his hands. Yawning, Lilac let sleep overcome her, unaware of the equally silent eyes that watched the pair.

A smile on her face, Kiyo proceeded to swim downstream until they reached and passed through a large opening in the river, and as Kiyo continued to swim out further, Iyoku stared with astonishment at what was before them as he let the other Pokémon out.
Koutei opened his wings upon exiting the Poke Ball and after flying around a little to stretch the limbs, he landed comfortably on one of the spikes that patterned the Lapras’ back. Shourai and Yaiba also were on Kiyo’s back, given that neither could swim due to there being no water in the future, so the Water-Ice Type turned sideways so that they all could see the sight in front of them.

A gigantic expanse of water with no end in sight stretched out before him and Kiyo, but what was the most beautiful was the light of the sun rising over the ocean’s horizon that was also reflected on the water itself. It seemed that every colour in existence toned the morning skies with any and all imaginable hues in the world. They both remained silent, watching the spectacle in amazement. Neither of them had ever seen anything like it in their lives. It was still far too early for any of the other Pokémon to have woken up yet, so there was no unpleasant noise such as that of Wingull and Pelipper as well as other Water Type Pokémon squabbling over food and territory, but just the calming sound of the ocean’s waves. Landing on the beach, Iyoku watched as Shourai and Yaiba jumped at each other, having a practice battle. Yaiba started things off by charging up a Razor Wind, and then letting the said attack fly at Shourai who quickly dodged it, and then Tackled the Absol.
Shifting his attention to the coastline, Iyoku wondered when Nazo and Lilac would wake; they had to get looking for the next Chaos Emerald, and in the meantime, he got to speculating with Kiyo as to where it could be.

Lilac suddenly jerked awake as the grass moved, finding herself staring at a pair of red eyes. They belonged to a large snake, who was mostly black but had areas of gold plating mixed in with purple spots, particularly the zigzag pattern on its “chest”. It carried a lethal blade on its tail, the edge lined with red. The Seviper hissed, and both Lilac and Nazo leaped out of the way as it struck outwards, the Houndour taking a fighting stance in front of her partner, a howl ripping from her jaws as she readied herself to battle.

Nazo could only blink - he hadn't the foggiest idea of what to do.

Iyoku’s ears pricked sharply, and he immediately stood up. “Something’s wrong…” he muttered. Soon enough, that statement was followed up by a loud howl that was no doubt from Lilac. Iyoku looked at Koutei who only nodded and swooped low for Iyoku to jump onto his back in mid-air while the other three Pokémon proceeded to make their way back upriver.

Flying at an incredibly fast speed, the grey hedgehog scanned the forest below for their camp, instantly viewing what the predicament was. Koutei was about to dive down and intercept the Seviper, but Iyoku told him through telepathy to wait until they were needed. Landing in a smaller clearing outside the camp, they both made their way towards the Pokémon.

Koutei remained tense, however; he could tell Nazo did not have much of an idea of how to battle, and was ready to step in if he had to.

<Give me a command, Nazo!> The hedgehog stared at Lilac, and she sensed his discomfort. <I can dodge, or attack. I know Leer, Ember, Howl, and Smog right now. Seviper is a Poison Type, so Smog will have little effect. I can only use Howl and Leer once - Howl will raise my Attack power, and Leer will lower the Seviper's Defense. I only have a Special Attack move, so those won't be any use.> Nazo's head reeled from all this talk and information, but he quickly shouted out to Lilac to move out of the way. The Houndour lithely darted to the side as the snake licked at where she had just been.

“Well then Lilac...I suppose we should try that Ember attack you mentioned, since you said everything else you knew would not work.” Lilac grinned, opening her mouth as ovals of fire shot forth from her mouth, smashing into the Poison Type head on and knocking it backwards. She then rushed forward of her own will, slamming her bony head and flinging the snake towards her partner, who grabbed the Pokémon and pinned it down by its head and tail.

While Nazo had the head and tail of the Seviper pinned to the ground, Iyoku frowned slightly, scanning the woods. His turquoise eyes froze on something within the bushes and traced its outline, revealing it to be another Seviper, but it did not look like it was going to attack. The grey hedgehog stared at it, as if daring it to attack. Koutei also soon spotted what Iyoku was watching, and kept a careful eye on it, too. Seeing it was vastly outnumbered, the other Seviper slithered off into the woods. “Seviper nest in groups…” he muttered, crossing his arms and looking at the one Nazo had pinned down, “we have to decide what to do with that one, then get out of here before more come.”

Lilac glared down at the Seviper, a low growl rumbling in her throat. <You will not attack us anymore, right?> The Seviper's eyes were wide with fear, yet it was strangely unresponsive. Just as suddenly, it twisted around, knocking Nazo over and clamping its jaws around his arm. This in turn caused the hedgehog to give a hiss and toss the snake into a tree with a soft thud. As it fell down, a small amount of foam dribbled forth from its mouth, presumably from the impact. As Lilac trotted over to it, she sniffed it, shaking her head. <...It's dead. Smells like death too - must have been on its last legs - or rather, scales.> This was broadcasted to all present, and she turned to look at Nazo, who was staring at his bleeding arm. It was clear he was not used to being injured, neverless to the point of bleeding.

Iyoku’s eyes narrowed as he thought to himself; attacking out of nowhere, and aside from that other Seviper, I haven’t seen a single other member of its species here… Something’s wrong, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. He went to his bag, and got a long roll of bandage out of one of the pockets that lined the outside, along with a Pecha Berry, since he had a grim suspicion that Nazo had – at the very least – maybe been poisoned from the bite. Setting the baseball-sized berry on the ground, he said, “rinse out that bite in the river, then I’ll wrap these bandages around it.”

Nazo snapped out of his reverie, nodding at Iyoku. “I was just going to do that.” His eyes never strayed back to the dead Pokémon - although whether it was due to guilt or the fact he simply did not care at this point in time, was unknown. Lilac whimpered in worry as the hedgehog proceeded over to the river, gingerly washing the wound. He was able to examine it better now that the blood, while still flowing, was mostly washed away. Two puncture wounds signified where the Seviper's long fangs had delivered the painful bite. As it was, Nazo was impassive to the damage dealt to his body, even though he was aware of the pain. Lifting his injured limb from the clear water, he signaled to Iyoku via his other arm, his right, to come over and treat him.

Iyoku walked over to where Nazo was standing, and proceeded to wrap the bandage around his injured arm; it was pressured enough so as to avoid his blood leaking in larger quantities, but also loose enough to allow it to continue circulating. As he did so, his mind was still elsewhere, trying to think of a plausible reason that the Poison Type might’ve had to attack. The only Pokémon I've ever known to actually attack and kill for no reason other than enjoyment were the Shadow Pokémon of the future, but otherwise…He finished bandaging Nazo’s injury, and then handed him the Pecha Berry. “You may want to eat that in case there was any venom that the Seviper let loose when it bit you.”

The hedgehog nodded, briefly wondering if this berry was another prank. Hearing the small amount of concern lacing his voice, however, he decided it was truly for his own good. At first nibbling the pink berry, he found that it was amazingly sweet and soft, and began to truly eat it. He took his time, savoring the Pecha Berry, but also thinking to himself. Strange...Lilac told me earlier that Pokémon do not attack for no reason. We did not threaten the...Seviper, was it? A rustling in the bushes made him turn, and the second Seviper was slowly slithering into the clearing, staring in dismay at its fallen companion.

Lilac bounded over to the Seviper, stopping short, and the two apparently began to discuss what had occurred. Nazo was mildly surprised - the other snake Pokémon was calm and willing to talk. He watched Lilac shake her head slowly, before turning to gaze at Nazo and Iyoku, the Seviper by her side.

<She said that her mate had been acting weird. He was bitten a while ago by something, but he never told her what. Sevi says she is deeply sorry for what he did, and hopes everyone will be okay. She thinks Fang may have had a parasite, seeing as “he ate so dang much, he probably caught everything”.> Lilac was pawing the ground, thinking to herself quietly. She had a bad feeling about whatever caused the end of Sevi's partner Fang. A Pokémon does not walk around smelling like death, nor being unresponsive and attacking anything that it saw. It just didn't make any sense!

Iyoku pondered what Lilac had translated for the Seviper, but, to his annoyance, he still wasn’t able to think of anything. Suddenly, his ears pricked as he heard an anomaly in the sound of the river’s water, and watched at the side of the riverbank as he noticed Kiyo and her passengers were returning. Shourai jumped off the Lapras’ back followed by Yaiba, both landing a little unevenly on the ground because they were still used to the swaying motion of the water. He then took all four Poke Balls out of his bag and recalled his squad of Pokémon, his mind now on the thought of where the next Chaos Emerald could be.

Nazo turned to look at Iyoku while Lilac set herself in comforting the widowed Seviper. “Where do you think we should start, Iyoku? Mesprit said a place of strong will, and I have no doubt it is related to a Pokémon. We just do not know which kind.” The hedgehog folded his arms, careful not to agitate the injury. There was also a hint of pride in his voice, perhaps because he had fought his first Pokémon battle ever, and won. Or at least, for the most part.

“Well…” Iyoku began, “The first was guarded by Mesprit. There are three Pokémon that keep the spiritual world in balance… Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. Uxie is the Being of Intelligence, Mesprit is obviously the Being of Emotion, and so therefore, Azelf is the Being of Willpower.” He paused, “Mesprit said that the next emerald is in a strong willed place, but I don’t know where that could be, although it’s connected to Azelf.”

<Actually, Iyoku…> Kiyo said from her Poke Ball, <I was speaking to a Buizel on the way back upstream, and he mentioned that there is an area to the north that’s raked by vicious blizzards.>

Iyoku frowned, and then told Nazo what Kiyo had just informed him of. “I think it’s worth an inspection. It’s possible that it could be there.”

Nazo slowly nodded. “I agree. Normally I could open a portal there, but unfortunately...I have never been to that area. We will have to take the long way.” Lilac came padding over, nudging Nazo. “Mmm? Yes, Lilac?” The two watched each other as Lilac communicated with him. “Really now?” Nazo turned to look at Iyoku. “Sevi wishes to join us. She wants to make sure that my wound heals all right.” The Seviper let out a caring hiss, slithering up once more to the group.

“I don’t see why she shouldn’t come,” Iyoku said, getting another Poke Ball from his bag. This one was different hues of purple, gold and red – obviously a Poke Ball created when he’d had way too much spare time on his hands. Handing it to Nazo, he finished, “This should do the job if she wants to use it.”

Nazo caught the ball as Iyoku closed up his bag, looking down at the small thing. With prompting from Lilac, he enlarged it, and was unsure of throwing it at Sevi. That was, until she herself reassured him that it would be all right - compared to his wound, a bonk on the head wasn't too bad. With hesitation, he threw it at the Seviper, who disappeared in a flash of light, the ball landing on the ground without any resistance. The hedgehog picked it up, managing to make it smaller, when Lilac trotted over with a bunch of leaves. Taking the hint, he fashioned them into a sort of sling over back pack, which he put both Pokeballs into before walking after Iyoku, Lilac hot on his heels.
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