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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< Chapter Three Up!

Watching the woods alongside the path he was walking on, Iyoku had an uneasy feeling that something was going to happen. It wasn’t like what had happened when the other Seviper had bit Nazo, but was something worse. He had felt it before; an ominous feeling that had once had him running as fast as he could, but that had been in the future. What is going on? He thought to himself, a little unnerved. Nonetheless, he kept his already-fast pace the same so that Nazo and Lilac could catch up. Suddenly though, a large flock of Flying Type Pokemon that ranged from every species from Pidgey to Staraptor burst out of the trees overhead, flying at an abnormally fast speed. Pausing, he stopped, and stared once again into the green-leaved forest, trying to discern why he was feeling so spooked and unnerved.

Nazo soon caught up with the grey hedgehog, but stopped short when he too noticed the birds burst forth from the tree, squawking in alarm. Taking a few quick steps, he placed himself next to Iyoku, Lilac bringing up the rear. She had lifted her head to catch a scent, turning taut as she no doubt picked up something worth being nervous about. Nazo noticed this, but was lost in thought, pondering the same exact thing Iyoku was, although not feeling quite as spooked or unnerved. After what he had been through, it took a lot to scare him.

A few seconds after Nazo and Lilac caught up, it finally clicked to Iyoku as to where he’d sensed that particular feeling before. It had always been constant in the future, but not a threat because it had already happened. He paled slightly as he saw the trees further inside start to turn an ominous shade of black, followed by what seemed to be a small creek in the woods freeze up and remain motionless. “Oh crap…” He muttered before channeling a large amount of Aura to his shoes and promptly beginning to run as fast as he could down the riverbank.

Nazo's eyes visibly widened upon seeing the darkness spread, and time apparently froze. Turning, his legs ran of their own free will, tearing after Iyoku. Lilac kept easy pace, but with prompting from her, Nazo managed to return her despite being in a full-out run. In fact, Nazo doubted he had ever run as fast as he was now, blaming it on the urgency of the situation. He kept his eyes on Iyoku - losing sight of him now would result in the group getting separated.

Still running at the same pace, Iyoku was very thankful he had not spent all his time at the library, or he wouldn’t have been able to keep going at the speed he was for long. His ears pricked as he heard a low rumbling in front of him, and shortly after, there was a massive roaring sound that signaled for sure that a waterfall was ahead. He knew that where a waterfall was, there were stones that jutted out of the falls from which the water made its way around as it fell. Soon enough, he did reach the waterfall, and knew he had no choice but to jump, and make his way down as swiftly as he possibly could, and proceeded to do so. The first stone that emerged from the falls was about five feet down, and upon jumping from that, he spotted another one another ten feet down and landed on it, careful not to slip. The third, and final stone was almost fifteen feet below him, but he made the jump, and proceeded to land back on the riverbank, not pausing to catch his breath before running again.

Nazo never even stopped as he approached the falls, flinging himself over it as he used his ability of flight to stop himself from a painful - and potentially lethal - fall. Flying was faster for him than running, but to stay close to Iyoku and not lose sight of the small hedgehog, he was forced to land once more and continue his crazy sprint. Nazo was distinctly aware of the burning sensation filling his lungs, slowly consuming his chest and spreading downwards to his legs. I cannot keep this up much longer!

Iyoku frowned slightly; he thought he saw something ahead, and when he looked harder, he saw that there was a gap in the woods that signaled another clearing ahead. Alright, he thought, I’ll have to coordinate this perfectly. He reached back, being careful not to lose his balance, and took a Poke Ball out of his bag. Opening it, he released its occupant, Koutei, who took to the air upon being released, and explained their situation through telepathy. Once they entered the clearing, and upon a telekinetic cue from Iyoku, Koutei swept down low so that the grey hedgehog could jump lightly on the Staraptor’s back. Slamming his wings down, the Normal-Flying Type increased his speed, and flew above the trees, running off the momentum of his earlier dive to keep going.

Utter relief flooded through the hedgehog as he saw Iyoku take off into the air. Taking one leap, he used that momentum to increase the second one, launching himself into the air and joining Koutei in the joys of flight. Casting his eyes back, he could not see the strange darkness anymore, although that was no guarantee it wasn't still coming. How long must we keep running? Nazo thought, slightly impatient. He knew it had to do something with the paralysis of the planet that Iyoku had spoke of, and was worried that it had already begun.

Still flying at the same fast pace, Iyoku also looked back at the forest below them, a frown on his face and dismay in his eyes. The paralysis… It’s happening already. It'll only be a matter of time before the rest of the planet is taken as well. Finally reaching the fringes of the forest, Iyoku knew that the darkness would not spread any further, so Koutei followed a telepathic request and angled his wings in a smooth descent to the ground. Landing on a hill that overlooked the once green woods, Iyoku shook his head, “I hope not many Pokemon or other travelers ended up getting trapped in that…” He knew from actually having seen the results that it was a bad way to go. In the darkest, deepest portions of the woods in the future, there were those who had become trapped within time and had become frozen, lifeless statues; never to eat, breathe, laugh or live again.

Nazo landed without so much as a soft thud, gazing out across the dark forest, he closed his eyes in thought. “Me neither. I can only imagine what would happen if one became trapped within time. To die without actually dying...” He shook his head sadly, realizing that at this point, there was nothing that could be done. They had to figure out what was causing it in the first place. Reaching back into the make-shift pack he had created, he released Lilac, who gasped at what she saw. She hastily asked Nazo what had happened.

“Time has stopped in the woods, apparently.” His soft voice hid his immense worry, helping to ease Lilac's own - if, albeit, just a little - so she could turn to look towards the North. She shivered slightly, knowing that the cold would be bitter and numbing. Heck, they could die from hypothermia.

Knowing that there was no point on dwelling in events that happened during the past, Iyoku looked to the opposite of them, where the plains were. Gigantic grassy fields spread out in front of them, flatter than a pancake, and were dotted with the occasional settlement before arriving at an abrupt halt to the foothills in the distance which eventually gave way to the tall, snow capped mountains.
I don’t think we’ll really have to worry about the cold until we actually get to the mountains themselves, he thought to himself, So… I guess we’ll just have to keep going through these grasslands until we reach a settlement that is close to the mountains.

With that, he turned and began the long trek north, Koutei circling high in the skies overhead.
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