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Default Re: Sakura's Trading Thread

Actually nevermind...
I found out it's a hacked Mew....
Got me fooled for a second.
Watch out for it though, Shiny Mew from Kodewer
From Nintendo World, easy way I noticed is because I was looking him up on serebii and looked at his ability.
His only ability can be Syncronize, but this Mew has Levitate, ANOTHER pointer is that it knows the move Hydro Pump, and Mew doesn't learn that move, or is there such TM to learn this move.
Finally, it has every single contest ribbon and it's Sheen is completely maxed out in everything, which is impossible to get unless you hack lvl 99 poffins, but it still doesn't matter because it's still considered hacking.
Sucks for me huh? :P
Good thing I got em free :3
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