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Default Re: .:Post Your YouTube Battles Here!:. ~ *sticky would nice :3*

Top 5 YouTube Videos This Week!

-None, Thread Just Opened-

New Videos You Should Watch!

[HD] [Pokémon D/P/Pt WiFi Battle #12] [Vs. Cloud] - OU ~ Submitted by Lucario
WiFi Battle #5 ModaMurderer VS Morph - OU ~ Submited by Morph
Pokemon Wi-fi Battle #1: vs. Eiji (Forum Project) - OU ~ Submitted by SaviorSephiroth
Pokemon Wi-fi Battle #2: vs. G r i f f (PE2K) - OU ~ Submitted by SaviorSephiroth
Pokémon Wi-Fi Battle #3: vs. MikeyTheYoshi [PE2K] - OU ~ Submitted by SaviorSephiroth
[OU] Pirates Vs Wildfire1313[ONM] - Amazing - OU ~ Submitted by Wildfire1313
Limitless Laddering #1 (Narration) - OU ~ Submitted by Trinity
Limitless vs Lady Bug (PokeBeach vs TeamUber) - OU ~ Submitted by Trinity
Aqua13 Vs. Jims OU ~ submitted by Aqua13
Elite Battle Master vs Royal Pichu OU ~ Submitted by Elite Battle Master

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Feel the Power of the Aura!~

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