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Default Re: PKMN Legends Events & Shinys for Events :)

Originally Posted by PKMN Legend Anthony View Post
Interested in these..

PALCITY Lucario UT (Modest) Trade with: Lilmitsuko/Iron Warlord
PALCITY Manaphy UT (Hardy) NEW!
PALCITY Mew UT (Quirky) NEW!
Iron and I are working together. I'll definitely do that trade:

You: Shiny Modest Lugia
Shiny Modest Riolu
Shiny Squirtle

PALCITY Lucario UT (Modest)
PALCITY Manaphy UT (Hardy)
PALCITY Mew UT (Quirky)

Let me know when you want to trade by either posting on here, or on my thread (link in sig). Much appreciated.
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