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Default Re: Shadowpichus's trade thread...with new movie 09 non preview arceus!!! + new NOK's

Arceus is the only pokémon I need to complete my dex, so I'm going to list what I have...

Shiny Timid (+Speed -Attack) Darkrai with 31 IVs in speed, hp and defence. Caught at newmoon isle by me (RNG)
Shiny Brave Regigigas
Shiny Naughty Marill
Shiny Impish Shuppet
Shiny PKRS Brave Cyndaquil
All the regular catchable legendaries in Sapphire/Emerald and Platinum (Including deoxys) but they're non shiny unless stated above.
Mitsurin Celebi
Collo ho-oh, level 99, EVs and IVs unknown.

I could also do some cloning for you or something, I'm just looking to complete my pokédex.
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