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Default Re: Kirethidae's Stats

Sindrayala the Dragonite

Gender: ♀

Nature: Rash

Ability: Inner Focus

Total No. Of Battles: 34

Wins/Draws/Losses: 15/0/19

FFAs: 7th/13, 9th/11

Moves: Agility, Aqua Tail, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, Fire Punch, Hyper Beam, Leer, Outrage, Roost, Safeguard, Slam, Thunder Punch, Thunder Wave, Twister, Wing Attack, Wrap

TM Moves: Aerial Ace, Flamethrower, Rain Dance, Stone Edge, Substitute, Thunderbolt

Daycare Moves: Extremespeed, Superpower

Obtained: Pokémart

Eldrian the Persian

Gender: ♂

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Limber/Technician

Total No. Of Battles: 30

Wins/Draws/Losses: 13/0/17

FFAs: ---

Moves: Assurance, Bite, Captivate, Faint Attack, Fake Out, Feint, Fury Swipes, Growl, Nasty Plot, Night Slash, Pay Day, Power Gem, Scratch, Screech, Slash, Switcheroo, Taunt

TM Moves: Thunderbolt

Daycare Moves: Hypnosis

Obtained: Pokémart

Mokka the Raichu

Gender: ♀

Nature: Naďve

Ability: Static

Total No. Of Battles: 8

Wins/Draws/Losses: 5/0/3

FFAs: 1st/10, 8th/11

Moves: Agility, Charm, Discharge, Double Team, Feint, Growl, Light Screen, Nasty Plot, Quick Attack, Slam, Sweet Kiss, Tail Whip, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Thunder Wave

TM Moves: Brick Break, Grass Knot, Hidden Power Ice, Substitute

Daycare Moves: Encore

Obtained: Pokémart

Zaashalna the Absol

Gender: ♀

Nature: Hasty

Ability: Pressure/Super Luck

Total No. Of Battles: 6

Wins/Draws/Losses: 3/0/3

FFAs: 1st/9, 6th/10, 19th/21

Moves: Bite, Detect, Double Team, Feint, Future Sight, Leer, Me First, Night Slash, Perish Song, Psycho Cut, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Scratch, Slash, Sucker Punch, Swords Dance, Taunt

TM Moves: Aerial Ace, Substitute, Thunder, Thunder Wave

Daycare Moves: Superpower

Obtained: National Park

Perobatino the Glaceon

Gender: ♂

Nature: Sassy

Ability: Snow Cloak

Total No. Of Battles: 3

Wins/Draws/Losses: 0/0/3

FFAs: ---

Moves: Baton Pass, Bite, Blizzard, Growl, Hail, Helping Hand, Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Icy Wind, Last Resort, Mirror Coat, Quick Attack, Sand-attack, Tackle, Tail Whip, Take Down, Trump Card

TM Moves: Hidden Power Fighting, Substitute, Toxic

Daycare Moves: ---

Obtained: Trade with TsukiKaiki64

Ashalrok the Nidoking

Gender: ♂

Nature: Hardy

Ability: Poison Point/Rivalry

Total No. Of Battles: 2

Wins/Draws/Losses: 2/0/0

FFAs: 4th/16

Moves: Captivate, Double Kick, Earth Power, Flatter, Focus Energy, Fury Attack, Helping Hand, Horn Attack, Horn Drill, Leer, Megahorn, Peck, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Thrash, Toxic Spikes

TM Moves: Shadow Claw

Daycare Moves: ---

Obtained: Pokémart

Stalfiki the Mismagius

Gender: ♀

Nature: Impish

Ability: Levitate

Total No. Of Battles: 2

Wins/Draws/Losses: 2/0/0

FFAs: ---

Moves: Astonish, Confuse Ray, Growl, Grudge, Lucky Chant, Magical Leaf, Mean Look, Pain Split, Payback, Perish Song, Power Gem, Psybeam, Psywave, Shadow Ball, Spite

TM Moves: ---

Daycare Moves: Nasty Plot

Obtained: Pokémart

Gjornius the Solrock

Gender: Genderless

Nature: Gentle

Ability: Levitate

Total No. Of Battles: 2

Wins/Draws/Losses: 1/0/1

FFAs: ---

Moves: Confusion, Cosmic Power, Embargo, Explosion, Fire Spin, Harden, Heal Block, Psywave, Rock Polish, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, Solarbeam, Tackle

TM Moves: ---

Daycare Moves: ---

Obtained: Spring Gift Station 2010 {Dog Of Hellsing}

Vylei the Charizard

Gender: Female

Nature: Calm

Ability: Blaze

Total No. Of Battles: 0

Wins/Draws/Losses: 0/0/0

FFAs: 3rd/6

Moves: Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rage, Ember, Fire Fang, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Growl, Heat Wave, Metal Claw, Rage, Scary Face, Scratch, Shadow Claw, Slash, Smokescreen, Wing Attack

TM Moves: Fire Punch, Substitute

Daycare Moves: Belly Drum, Thunderpunch

Obtained: Trade with Sec

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